ADDER has structured cabling solutions to allow our customers:

  • High-performance networks.
  • Upgrade their technology to 10G / 40G / 100G and beyond.
  • Support expansions, changes and improvements to the network.
  • Obtain and easy and reliable administration of their network services.
  • Certainty and confidence that the installed services will perform as expected.


ADDER is the single-source provider of network cabling infrastructure. We custom design, install, certify and maintain cabling systems for:

  • Data Centers
  • Office Buildings
  • Casinos
  • Airport Facilities
  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • University Campus
  • Fulfillment Distribution Centers
  • Research & Development Institutes Facilities


Our projects are supported by an RCDD professional which endorse our designs and examine our performance all the way through the installation process.

ADDER specialties include:

  • Designs witch meet BICSI, ISO or EIA/TIA Industry Systems
  • Certified Manufacturer Category Solutions
  • Copper and/or Fiber Backbones
  • Documentation / Reports Services
  • Telecom Rooms Maintenance
  • Emergency Response


ADDER has trained and experienced technicians / supervisors, with complete set of tools and cabling testers to perform a high quality job to deliver an optimized IT network.

A high quality performance network reduces overall structured cabling costs and improves efficiencies across the entire enterprise.