We have developed Telecom and IT Integration/Installation projects in different markets including these specialties:

  • Network Cabling / Structured Cabling / Fiber Optic Systems
  • Power Conditioning / HVAC / Energy Management / Environmental Monitoring
  • Network Security / Switching / WiFi / GPON Solutions
  • Telephony & VoIP Systems
  • CCTV / Cameras & Surveillance Equipment
  • Access Control Systems / Panels & Interfaces
  • Fire Detection Systems / Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems
  • Lighting Control Systems / Solar Renewable LED Lighting

Below are some examples:

IT services and Security systems projects for University Campus, required by the academic population in order to carry on their learning, research and cultural programs.

Clients require a safe, efficient and reliable IT infrastructure to keep the business working non-stop. ADDER have the tools to fulfill those requirements.

ADDER helps airports administrators to fulfill their requirements in security, communications and information display (FIDS) in their terminals.

Our company has long experience bringing to Casinos the technology that they need for security, telecom and non-stop business operations

Hotel guests will need a top communication services, such as reliable WiFi network. Administrators need to provide visitors a safe space and a high technology experience with a simple infrastructure management.

Distribution fulfillment centers must have a reliable Telecom infrastructure to carry on operations without interruptions.

Factories need Telecom and Security systems provided by trustful contractors that can follow all health and security recommendations to ensure there will no interference with their operations.

Corporate business operations require high specialization contractors that can complete a project on time and comply with all their specifications in order to ensure their business growth.

Telecom, security and IT infrastructure projects, which are key to many government departments have to be developed in short time. ADDER has proved to be successful at it.