ADDER energy saving solutions are based in lighting controlled systems allowing our customers to save energy and money, considering an easy deployment, low cost maintenance and intuitive infrastructure management.

Solar Renewable LED Lighting

ADDER has implemented outdoor Solar LED Lighting systems using a key component: cost-effective solar controllers that bring benefits like: programming different operation parameters, different dimming settings, wireless remote programing and wireless data reading, which makes an easy deployment and maintenance.

Other key component is the KENJITSU LED Luminary, which has a native direct voltage operation, highly efficient white light, 30 to 120 Watts consumption, ready-to connection for solar controllers, batteries and panels.

Lighting Control Systems

ADDER uses Audacy Wireless Lighting Control Systems to upgrade any space and turn it into a smart system, designed to take into account ambient light, scheduling and occupancy for ideal lighting levels.

Audacy Wireless Lighting Control System uses gateways, luminaire controllers, motion sensors, light sensors and switches, with an easy programing software or mobile app. Giving the users the power to change their workspace, saving energy and money for their companies in the process.


ADDER has expertise in Lighting Control for different types of facilities. We custom design, install, configure, test and maintain these systems for:

  • Office Buildings
  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Research & Development Institutes Facilities
  • Data Centers